Bros Top Dyed Mélange Yarn Project kick off construction in Qinghe Industrial Zone, Huai’an, Jiangsu

Publish Date 2008-11-25   News From: Bros Holding Limited  

Bros Top Dyed Mélange Yarn Project held an opening ceremony in Qinghe Industrial Zone, Huai’an, Jiangsu, on Nov. 24th with the attendance of General Manager of Huai’an Bros Xu Changsong, Vice Manager Xue Nanyun, Secretary of Qinghe District Xiao Benming, Deputy Secretary and Warden of Qinghe District Wang Haiping, Deputy Director of Huai’an Development and Reform Commission Peng Jie. Member of standing committee and Vice Warden Liu Aiguo presided the ceremony and General Manager of Huai’an Bros Xu Changsong and Warden Wang Haiping made us stirring opening speeches. Thereafter, General Manager Xu introduced Bros Holding Ltd. to other leaders. “For the need of rapid expansion, especially Huai’an’s excellent investment and service environment attracted the board” Xu continued, “After delicate investigation and appraisal, it’s a wise decision for us to invest in Qinghe New Industrial Zone. The launch of this project is a strategical action as the response to the adjustment of the national industrial policy, and is for the reallocation of resource and optimization of industry arrangement. This project would also fully accelerate the capacity and level of production, and stimulate the economic development of Qinghe Industrial Zone”.


District Governor Wang Haiping remarked that, the choice of Qinghe embodied the strategical and exclusive foresight of Bros. The launch of this project would be a push to the new industrialization process of Qinghe District or even Huai’an City. The first-class design, construction, and management could be hopefully put into the project for a speedy completion, and all related departments provide a more rapid, considerate, effective service according to “Fully Satisfy Investors” requirement and enable a smooth implementation.


Wang commented:” We believe that under the cooperation of the investors and builders, and concerns from various circle of society, Bros Top Dyed Mélange Yarn Project is sure to complete quickly and become a modern Top Dyed base with top scale, top equipments and top efficiency.”


In the ceremony, Secretary of Qinghe District Xiao Benming announced:” Commence, Bros Top Dyed Mélange Yarn Project! ” In the joyful music and earsplitting sound of fireworks, governors from the district authorities buried the foundation stone together.

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